Border Collies caught in the act...

...of being the best dogs in the world.

Look who is making new friends!
jolly ball, Lizzie
Silly puppy Theresina, who brought out a tail wag from Harp!

Fellow NEBCR foster dog Desi who is working on building up his own confidence
(and who's available for adoption!)

And foster sister Lizzie, who tolerates his existence so far.

Project: Foster Dog Harp
jolly ball, Lizzie
I would like you to meet Harp.

But don't walk toward him or talk above a whisper at him or really even look at him.

You are scary to him and he is terrified of what you *could* do to him. 
He only knows humans as frightening things that are mostly unknown to him
except for the abuse and neglect he existed through for 3 years.
 Three years of living outdoors in the elements with only an open-ended garbage can for shelter
along with hundreds of other animals suffering the same fate on a hoarder's property.

That atrocity resulted in him being extremely fearful and withdrawn,
and physically he was a mess as well. 

When NEBCR was able to save him in July of this year when
all the animals on the property were seized by the ASPCA,
Harp looked like this:

Sun-bleached/matted fur, slightly underweight and an ear infection.

Through basic vet care the infection has cleared, and with a couple grooming session,
all the extra undercoat has been brushed out thanks to his wonderful previous foster mom, Amy.

So now he almost looked like a different dog.

So while today he's afraid of the world...

I would like for him to one day instead think of all the things that we *could do together*,
and that his tail would wag at the thought of it and wag even harder when he gets to do the fun things.

But baby steps, first I would just want him to think of me and where he is right now as safe.
A place filled with lots of treats and walks and warm beds.

We have months yet to go, but there's a big world of awesome out there, Harp. 
I hope you'll let me help you figure it all out.

Oh hi, Kyle.
jolly ball, Lizzie
Welcome to our house for a brief stay on the journey to your forever home...

Please make yourself at home in the meantime.

Try not to make use too dizzy running circles around us.

And try not to steal Lizzie's foods and treats, no matter how tasty they look.

and always, ALWAYS, keep your eyes on the prize...your perfect forever home is out there.

See you around, Kep!
jolly ball, Lizzie
Kep has been adopted!!

Told you they wouldn't be able to resist being completely smitten with him!

Onward and upward to amazing things, Kep!

Don't forget me! :-)

Kep's crappy hips
jolly ball, Lizzie
I'm worried about Kep today because he's being put under anesthesia to have some xrays taken of his hips.

I hope he has no serious side effect from the Ketamine and Valium cocktail, and I'm really hoping that the xrays give us promising information about the status of his hips.  He's so young to have such bad joints!  And he certainly loves chasing after his frisbee too much to have such bad joints!!

I bet he's charming everyone at the vet hospital though!  :-)

**EDIT -- X-Ray Results**

Kep came through the day unscathed although a little loopy and a lot tired.

Kep has bilateral hip dysplasia with moderate-severe degenerative joint disease (basically signnificant osteoarthritis in both hips), with the right worse than the left.  He also has mild joint effusion in both knees indicating minor ACL injury.

Thankfully surgery is not required at this time, but  my vet recommended puttig him on Adequan Canine injections to see if that improves his condition.  *fingers crossed!*

Kep meets his potential (but highly likely) new family tonight!
jolly ball, Lizzie
and there's no chance they won't immediately fall in love with this.

jolly ball, Lizzie
This is Kep!

He's been in rescue a little over a month.

In this short time he has so far overcome a tumor (it was just an infection! *phew*),

has learned to love eating (and apparently playing with) a raw diet,

lost a few pounds and gained some energy for playing his favorite game of frisbee,

learned how to swim and loves it,

(And combined the above two)

and absolutely made it clear that he's one of the best *and* cutest pups anyone could meet.

and he's only 8 years young!

He'll be available for adoption at very soon!!

Didge vs. plushy spider (alt title: Lizzie vs. my hand)
jolly ball, Lizzie
Didge and Lizzie end the life of a poor defenseless plushy spider...

 sound it helpful.

bonus video!
Lizzie likes to give commentary on what is on the dinner menu.
 sound is mandatory.

Lizzie vs. Frisbee
jolly ball, Lizzie
So we went to the beach yesterday.

It was cold.

It was very windy.

But that didn't stop the fun!

I'm 10 years old and just this week decided I like playing with Frisbees.

what?  I'm allowed to be fickle.

It was really really windy, so most of the photos of me look like I have a purple frisbee for a face.

I think it's a good look.

Didge was boring and either was off in the dunes losing his ball or lying next to his ball...

Or he just stood and stared at his ball

He's so weird.

This just meant that I got to play more with mom and the Frisbee.

See it was so windy that the tips of my ears were getting pushed down!!

When the wind would catch the frisbee, it would whip out of my mouth and take off down the beach...

gimme a second I'll be right back...

Ready for another throw!

So I could pounce on it!

but then my mouth would get full of sand and cause me to make faces like this

because I'm special.

meanwhile Didge is still staring at his ball...

It's ok, because I have to go chase down the Frisbee again...

come back here, stupid frisbee!

Kramer is adopted!
jolly ball, Lizzie
Holy crap, I CAN adopted out a foster dog!

Just in case anyone was curious/worried that I'd just continue to collect dogs and end up on one of those hoarder shows. :-P

Kramer's new family, Dan and Jen and Ellie,...who have renamed him Skip.

I prescribed a 2-week trial period to ensure that he was a good fit with his new family after his personality started to come out more when he got more comfortable with them.  It didn't take more than a day, I'm sure, before they fell in love with him, warts and all. 

I miss him a ton and feel very much like I should have done more with him in the 2 months he was in my life, but I guess this is how it goes.  I saved him (with instrumental help from Emily), cleaned him up, started him on the path to getting healthy, gave him some manners and started to show him that new people aren't to be afraid of, and then I set him on his way for a great new life. 

I hope he remembers me when next we see one another, but more so I hope to see him happy and healthy and loving life like he always did with me.


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